Frequently Asked Questions


    • Q: What is a logo contest?
    • A: A logo design contest pits a group of designers against each other in a competitive format with the end result being logos designed based on a client's needs. A logo contest is like having a handful of designers all working for you and you get to choose the best results and pay only once.
    • Q: What does it cost?
    • A: Hosting a logo contest costs $299 USD. We take $49 as our fee. Each finalist logo is awarded $50 and we award an additional $100 to the winning designer.
    • Q: When do I pay?
    • A: All fees and the award are collected up front before the contest is started.
    • Q: What is the refund policy?
    • A: Clients can request a full refund up until the finalist round has started. Once the finalist round has been initiated no refunds will be made.
    • Q: How long does a contest run?
    • A: Phase one, the first logo submission phase, lasts 7 days. Once a client has chosen their 3 finalists there is another phase or logo refinement that lasts 3 days. Then the client is asked to choose a winner and has 7 days to do so.
    • Q: What will I receive at the end of the contest?
    • A: At the end of the logo contest you will be able to download industry-standard graphics files that are ready to use. The most important file will be an Adobe Illustrator vector graphics file that you will provide to printers for printing high quality versions of your logo on print materials such as business cards, signage, and brochures. You will also receive web-ready JPEG and PNG files that you can use for your website and social media accounts right away.


    • Q: What are the logo upload requirements and tips?
    • A:
      • Logo files must be in the Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format.
      • Logo files must be set to save a PDF preview when you save. This is the default Illustrator setting but can be changed via the save settings dialog box.
      • Logo files must be in Letter paper size and Landscape orientation.
      • Logo files must not contain any Text objects (so no font data). Convert all text to outlines.
      • Logo files must contain vector graphics and not bitmap images. Some object effects such as drop shadows insert images into the file. You will need to design logos without these effects.
      • Vector graphics should fill up most of the page (width) in order for the logo thumbnail to have crisp/clean edges.
    • Q: Why is Adobe Illustrator the only acceptable file type?
    • A: Adobe Illustrator is by far the industry standard for vector graphics. We want our clients to get onlyt he best quality results on Logo Force. Illustrator can be purchased through Adobe's Creative Cloud for $20/month.
    • Q: Why do you require uploading original Adobe Illustrator artwork?
    • A: Requiring designers to upload their original Adobe Illustrator artwork allows us to automate the entire website. With an uploaded Illustator file, and some high-tech website code, we can:
      1. Confirm that a designer created the uploaded logo instead of it possibly being an image found online
      2. Confirm that the file is in the right size, format, lacks font data, etc.
      3. Offer instant delivery of logo files to clients upon them choosing a winner
    • Q: How much can I win?
    • A: The main prize for each logo design contest is $100 USD paid to the logo the client chooses as the winner. On top of this prize, designers can be awarded $50 USD for each logo they submit that moves to the finalists round. If a client fails to pick a winner in the given time the remaining award funds of $100 are split 3-ways across the client-chosen finalists. If the client fails to even pick 3 finalists the entire award funds of $250 are split between the invited, qualifying, designers.
    • Q: What happens if the client doesn't choose a winner in 7 days?
    • A: If a client fails to pick a winner in the given time the entire award funds of $250 are split 3-ways across the client-chosen finalists. If the client fails to pick 3 finalists the entire award funds of $250 are split between the invited, qualifying, designers.
    • Q: What does it mean if my logo was "rejected"?
    • A: The client clicked the delete/reject button under your logo. This means they didn't like this logo.
    • Q: How will I be paid?
    • A: Payments are sent via PayPal to the PayPal email address specified on your account. You can change this address on the Account page. Once you have a W9 on file with us payments are made instantly when you win a contest.
    • Q: Do I have to submit a W9 in order to be paid?
    • A: Yes. We do require a W9 before any payments are made. This is the best way for us to stay compliant with Uncle Sam. A link to the W9 form will be sent when your logo is chosen. W9's can be sent to us through fax or email. All this information is emailed to the Designer when their logo is chosen.
    • Q: Will I be issued a 1099-MISC tax form?
    • A: No. Since all of our payments are made through PayPal, and PayPal is required to report (qualifying) payments made to individuals, we do not send 1099's.
    • Q: I live outside of the United States, can I be paid to create logos on Logo Force?
    • A: Unfortunately, no. It's an income tax decision. Our accounting department has suggested we avoid this to maintain the site's operating simplicity.
    • Q: What are the logo submission rules?
    • A: All logo files must be submitted in the Adobe Illustrator format and must have the ".ai" file extension. All logos must be made up of vector graphics and not bitmapped graphics. Logos must contain original artwork and must not be copied works.
    • Q: Why can I delete some logos but not others?
    • A: Once a client has rated or rejected a logo you cannot delete it. We don't want logos that the clients have seen suddenly disappearing. You can delete logos that haven't been rated or rejected.